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Company Profile

After being incorporated in 1979 Leaside Electric began embarking on a mission to change the definition of an electrical service company...


As the decade of development (1970s) was nearing completion, the Toronto electrical industry was about to witness the fall of a local industry giant.  C.J. Wilson,  one of the largest electrical contracting companies in the GTA at the time, was under new management and a decision to change their business philosophy created turbulence throughout its workforce.  With a sense of opportunity on the horizon, Michael Duffy and former company partner, Frank Adams formed Leaside Electric Incorporated.  Their mission was to put customer service first and create a

Notable Projects

A few of our notable clients

Top engineering and consultant firms trust us for our consistant low prices and quality of work.

Halsall Associates is an engineering services company with a passion for sustainability and over 50 years of experience in building design, evaluation, and restoration.

DEL Property Management maintains a portfolio of over 45,000 multi residential homes and has been operating for over 35 years.

versatile electrical company with dynamic, licensed electricians to serve Toronto, Mississauga, and the surrounding areas.


In the 1970s and 1980s, the city’s suburbs were growing rapidly but the surrounding GTA was still heavily industrialized, which led Leaside Electric to focus on industrial electrical services.  During these same years, there was a rise in monolithic concrete apartment buildings across the GTA, which led to the founding of the high-rise electrical division.  Leaside Electric provided a variety of high-rise electrical services ranging from re-lamping, troubleshooting, emergency shutdowns, and ramp snow melting system installation and repairs.


Since breaking into the market, Leaside Electric has been a leader within the snow melting industry, servicing the majority of GTA snow melting systems and advising on building restoration projects.


Today, the GTA is a booming metropolis hub for business, industry, and recreation.  Leaside Electric continues to grow with the city to meet our client demands.  To better serve our clients, our company is divided into four divisions, which also allows our experts to focus on their areas of expertise.  Our staff are enthusiastic about growth in both the city and the Company, and are unwilling to sacrifice quality or client satisfaction levels.  This outlook has earned Leaside Electric an excellent reputation with our business partners and clients.