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We perform quality work for our clients and we stand behind it with a full warrentee of the work performed.

We Repair Your Ramp Heating

Our team consists of licensed professional electricians that are courteous and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

We locate faults within a few feet which means a quicker fix, less damage to your ramp surface, and fewer repair patches.

We utilize sophisticated testing devices and tools which contribute to why our repairs are less intrusive than our competitors.

We ensure that your ramp heating system operates effectively and efficiently with the use of temperature and snow sensors.

Leaside Electric understands the major inconveinence caused by a malfuncting system and therefore we work extended hours during early winter and fall.






We Are #1 In The GTA For Many Reasons

Leaside Electric has over 30 years experience with ramp heating repairs in Toronto, Mississauga, and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area. Our team repairs heating cables in garage ramps, stairways, walkways, rooftops, and other locations.


We have gained an unparallel level of experience as a company on how and why ramp heating systems fail which has earned the trust and respect of many engineering firms, property management companies, and building owners.


Have a system in need of repair?  We can evaluate your current dysfunctional ramp heating system and determine whether it will be more cost effective to repair the damaged heating cable(s) or replace the entire system. Repairing ramp heating cables are preferred to system replacements as it enables our clients to maintain access to the ramp, walkway, or stairwell during repairs. We repair ramp heating cables by completing a diagnostic report on the entire system, identifying fault locations using sophisticated testing equipment, exposing the fault, repairing the damaged cables, and replacing any removed material to bring the ramp, stairway, or walkway to a "like new" state.


All our ramp heating repairs are 100% guaranteed and we know that the professionalism of our team will surely leave a lasting impression on you.


Our team will pin point your ground fault within feet

Repair Locations

"Fault locating is a fine art and requires years of technical experience to effectively repair a system ."

Michael Duffy - Leaside Electric